Radio Forums is back in operation

Yes you heard right, Radio Forums is back in operation under new management, and a new domain name. Anyhows, go and check it out, at Oh and by the way, I was meaning to blog about this a few days ago, but been a bit busy.

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Yay Holidays

I finished work today, so yay I’m on holidays until next year, dunno what I’m gonna do with my time…. Ha I think I can find things to do with my time 😛  I know, can do some work on getting rocket back up and running.

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Rocket Radio's Return to Air, Part 2

Ok, I’ve been working out, that I should be able to have Rocket Radio up and running sometime in January, that way christmas is over, so we will hopfully have some money to work on. As I said in the last post, I know you miss us, and we WILL return. It’s just that, running Rocket Radio isn’t exactly free, and it is funded entirely on my “spare change” and everynow and then we have unexpected costs, like hard drive failure, in another computer motherboard failure. And we don’t have the funding to just throw money at it and make the problem go away.

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Automatic antenna with a dash water on the rocks

Today I finally got around to doing Arthur’s car antenna. It was a bit of a complex proccess, it involved having to take the wheel off, anyways in the middle of it we had to stop about 4 times cause of the rain, so we worked for a few minutes, then it starts raining again. Anyways, I’m glad it’s done, cause I’ve been meaning to do it for months now, but everytime we set aside for it, other things have come up. Not only did we have the rain, but we had decent amount of lightning and thunder, and a little bit of hail.

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Lately it’s been quite warm, it seems summer has come early, today it’s 34°c in the shade, but at least it’s not that humid. Normally we get reasonably high humidity, but today is only 41%. I might fix up the pool so we have somewhere to stay cool. At least I have my office which is air conditioned, at the moment it’s a nice 24°c.

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Richard Hammond Struck By Lightning

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Anne Hathaway's Cottage

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Rocket Radio's Return to Air

Yes Rocket Radio will be returning to air, I just can’t say definiatly when. I’ve been slowly going through things that need doing, and there is a big list, unfortunatly some of which needs money, and this time of year money isn’t exactly abundant. So please bear with us, it will eventually happen, and after a few quick fixes I’m hoping to be back on air before to long, but for that to happen, we will need to forego some luxuries, like live studio webcam feed, talkback line etc, also due to the closure of Radio Forums we will need 2 things, the first of which is a new home, which will be MCL, and second will be a shoutcast host, I’m not to sure on the shoutcast, but I’m swaying towards So all in all, bear with us, I know you guys miss the red rocket, but we aren’t dead yet!!!!

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Website Successfully Moved

We were able to successfully move our website, which had to be done because of the closure of Radio Forums. I’m pleased to say that with the help of Luke from the move went off without a hitch, and the move was very speedy. The only problems we faced was, trying to get email in outlook, I don’t know what was wrong, but it decided to start working all by itself.

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Stupid Cars

I want the skip 😛

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