Campaign to Bring Rocket Radio Back Quicker

Before I start don’t feel obliged, you don’t have to take part if you don’t want or can’t afford too, I’m only asking for what you can AFFORD to give. Ok, I’ll start off by saying that we accepting donations, of either money or your old unused parts.

Ok, here is our target, $280 (roughly)

or you can choice to donate you old parts, here is a list of what we are in need of.

  • Motherboard and matching cpu (must be p4 ht 2.8 or above)
  • 3 webcams (can’t be logitechs, as they play up with our broadcast software)
  • 1 Headphones (we are after a decent pair, as it will be used for monitoring)
  • 2 computer mouses/mice or whatever you call them.

I know the hard drive wasn’t on that list, but I’d much prefer to use a new drive not a second hand one.

If you have parts donations just leave a comment, and I’ll email you with address to send parts to.

We thank you all in advance for any contribution you can make, especially at this time of year, with christmas on our doorstep.

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